Pre-owned market Trumps New Jet Purchases

Mente Group explains why there’s been an up-tick in the business aviation market, at least in terms of pre-owned aircraft, over the last 12-28 months. There’s a good feeling about business aviation in the air at the moment, if you’ll pardon the pun. In the most recent UBS Business Jet Survey, 72% of respondents said… Read more »

Brian Proctor Counsels Aircraft Owners at the Corporate Jet Investor Convention

Brian Proctor, founder, president and CEO of Mente Group was recently invited to lead a panel discussion at the prestigious Corporate Jet Investor Convention in London, England. During the discussion, titled “The Three Rs: Residuals, residuals and residuals,” Proctor drew on his expertise in the aircraft industry to lead the discussion and advise attendees about… Read more »