Are your engines on an engine program? Should they be?

Mente Group’s VP sales Delray Dobbins spent 23 years in aviation with Rolls-Royce. He knows exactly what to look for in an Engine Maintenance Program. When looking to acquire a plane, it is common for buyers to look primarily at aircraft with an engine program.  Once that box is checked, buyers tend to move on… Read more »

Be prepared for your next European ramp inspection

At Mente Group, we provide ongoing counsel for our clients and, as such, we will always aim to keep you up to date on current issues. Many of our clients are registered in the US, which is why we thought this particular topic was worth highlighting… EASA determines that non-EU registered operators must undergo Safety… Read more »

Mente Group in Business Jet Interiors International April (EBACE) issue

Mente Group has recently introduced our Completions Management Services program headed by Vince Restivo, VP Program Management.  The attached ad explains how Mente Group is “Turning Plans into Reality…”.

From baseball to the boardroom – Cole White

Mente Group’s director of strategic consulting, Cole White, talks about (unintentionally!) dipping his toe in the entertainment industry. As Director of strategic consulting for Mente Group, Cole White spends his time conducting market studies and financial forecasts for the company’s clients, but it’s safe to say business aviation wasn’t his first love. After attending the… Read more »

Pre-owned market Trumps New Jet Purchases

Mente Group explains why there’s been an up-tick in the business aviation market, at least in terms of pre-owned aircraft, over the last 12-28 months. There’s a good feeling about business aviation in the air at the moment, if you’ll pardon the pun. In the most recent UBS Business Jet Survey, 72% of respondents said… Read more »