Market Minute – Bombardier Challenger 605

The Bombardier Challenger 605 is a large cabin business jet that evolved from the commercially successful Challenger 604. 

Brian Proctor speaks at Corporate Jet Investor, he says “Now is the best time to buy a jet”.

Brian Proctor spoke at the Corporate Jet Investor conference in London today, Jan. 29th. Now is the best

Tax Reform and Aircraft Ownership

Last week the United States House and Senate came to an agreement on historic tax reform legislation. Mente

Brian Proctor, CEO Mente Group talks “Improving the Aircraft Ownership Experience” at CJI Miami

Mente’s CEO, Brian Proctor presented on Tues, Nov. 28th, the first day of the Corporate Jet Investor conference

Market Minute – Citation CJ3

The Citation CJ3 was developed as an improved and slightly larger variant of the successful CJ2. The fuselage