Intelligent Solutions for Private Aviation.

Today’s private aircraft owners, operators and users must make informed, time-sensitive, and financially significant decisions about the aviation solutions that best meet their needs.

Mente Group provides unmatched, valued counsel to large corporations, growth companies and private individuals around the world.

"We work with companies who want the very best business aviation talent representing their organizations. We are a fee-based firm that focuses on our customers’ unique business and lifestyle requirements to provide superior solutions across a number of disciplines. "

Consulting Services

  • Strategic Consulting

    As the private aviation industry’s premier strategic consulting firm, Mente Group provides the industry’s most robust Fleet Planning and Feasibility Study capability to support our clients’ needs. For global operations or first time buyers, we consider and evaluate all lift options — new or used aircraft purchase, fractional, card and charter — and blend them into the most efficient solution to support our clients’ needs. Strategic consulting services include:

    - Needs Analysis
    - Statistical Residual Value Modeling
    - Fleet Planning & Aircraft studies
    - SmartValue Services (SVS) Appraisals
    - Asset Management Services
    - Aviation Department Metrics Implementation

  • Operational Consulting

    While we don’t operate aircraft, Mente Group consultants assist our clients in improving the results of the aviation function, through asset management, hiring the appropriate operational leadership, ISBAO certification and best-practice and alignment auditing. Operational consulting services include:

    - Organization & Flight Department Audits
    - Permanent Personnel Placement
    - Best Practice & IS-BAO Audits
    - Pre-purchase Inspection Monitoring
    - Training & Compliance Audits
    - Factory QC Monitoring
    - Completion & Major Inspection Oversight

  • Technical Consulting

    Understanding the technical qualities of an asset is one of the most critical aspects of buying an aircraft. Mente Group’s Technical Consultants will qualify your next purchase and exclusively represent your interests as we oversee and monitor the inspection process. Not only will our seasoned representatives mitigate technical risks with the aircraft itself, they represent the buyer’s interest of cost control and invoice integrity. Technical consulting services include:

    - Technical Appraisals
    - On-site Damage Aircraft Reports / Audit
    - Completion & Refurbishment Oversight
    - Full Aircraft Records Review / Audit
    - Major Inspection Oversight
    - Pre-Purchase Inspections Oversight
    - Aircraft Acceptance

The quality and amount of detailed intelligence Mente Group uncovered in the super long-range segment of the market that was not available in the public domain was impressive.

Mente’s market and financial modeling analysis gave us the confidence to stay the course with our new aircraft order, and the independent process validated our decision to continue flying our current aircraft until the new model delivers later in the decade.

Aviation Department Manager

Asset Management

Mente Group’s advanced financial algorithms and customized modeling provides financial services firms, banks and aviation departments with unmatched access to real-time data and analysis to guide their decision-making.

  • 01
    Market Value Analysis
  • 02
    Accredited Appraisal
  • 03
    Residual Value Analysis
  • 04
    Comparative Cost Analysis
  • 05
    Life Cycle Cash Flow/Cost Analysis
  • 06
    Break Even Analysis
  • Custom Financial Analysis

    MENTE Group’s Total Life Cycle Asset Management provides essential metrics and a customized reporting system to guide your aviation asset management activities.

Jeff Dorrough

Our VP of Asset Management is one of ten appraisers in the world accredited by the American Society of Appraisers who is dedicated to business aircraft appraisals.

Mente Group is the only appraisal company actually involved in aircraft transactions. This gives us significantly higher market awareness than any other appraisers.

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