From baseball to the boardroom – Cole White

Mente Group’s director of strategic consulting, Cole White, talks about (unintentionally!) dipping his toe in the entertainment industry.

As Director of strategic consulting for Mente Group, Cole White spends his time conducting market studies and financial forecasts for the company’s clients, but it’s safe to say business aviation wasn’t his first love.

After attending the United States Military Academy, Cole played professional baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates until he was 27. It’s not the most conventional of backgrounds, but there’s certainly an overlap between the sporting and business worlds. “When you play a sport, you have to possess a continual drive to try and improve yourself; to become better than you were the day before,” Cole explains. Business, like sports, presents a number of challenges that you have to deal with on a daily basis.  The same principals of leadership, commitment, integrity and perseverance apply to both.

He still manages to hit a ball every now and then, even appearing in an episode of Pitch! “With a baseball show, they always need people who played the sport professionally to come in and provide the authenticity that Hollywood sometimes misses out on in movies or TV shows about sports. I flew out to SFO to film Pitch at the San Francisco Giants ball park. It was a one-day shoot – I got a little bit of time on TV, but it was a very natural thing for me because I was playing baseball, so I wasn’t nervous.”

Mr. White recently informed Mente he’s now set to be on an episode of Family Feud. “My mother-in-law saw that the show was doing an audition in Dallas, so we made an audition tape and from that we were selected to do the interview process in person. We played a mock game in front of their producers. After a month and a half of waiting we received the call that we’ve been selected to be on the show which is filmed in Atlanta!

“I liked to argue that there’s never enough money at stake for me to be on a game show like that because the opportunity for embarrassment is always there, but this is just a chance for me to have some fun with my family” Cole admits. “Depending on how embarrassing it is, I may not even tell Mente when it comes on…”

Lucky for us, despite the jokes in the office about his ambitions as an actor, Cole has no intention of leaving Mente anytime soon. “I truly enjoy my time with the other employees here. We are a close knit team and I enjoy the family type atmosphere.. We’re growing at the moment so we’re constantly adding people to our team and we all work extremely hard. Brian has a really great vision for the company and it’s exciting to be a part of it.”


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