Brian Proctor, CEO Mente Group talks “Improving the Aircraft Ownership Experience” at CJI Miami

Mente’s CEO, Brian Proctor presented on Tues, Nov. 28th, the first day of the Corporate Jet Investor conference in Miami and spoke to the audience about what some of the biggest frustrations for aircraft owners are and how we can help with the ownership experience.  In quick summary – Buyers buy aircraft to make their businesses more productive and to live life more abundantly.  But, buying an aircraft is a complex process.  Buyers need to equip themselves with a team of professionals that will simplify the process.  Avoiding the potential pitfalls requires knowledge and experience.

Today’s private aircraft owners must make informed, time-sensitive and financially significant decisions about the aviation solutions that best meet their needs.  Mente Group’s team of professionals has decades of experience and the knowledge to simply the complex process of purchasing an aircraft..


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