PIC Citation X, Albany, NY


PIC Citation X, Albany, NY



be there… Nobody goes on a private jet simply to go on a private jet. It’s not for the leather seats, trendy (or dated) wood veneer, overpriced catering, or six-figure bills. They go to be there… the meeting, the vacation, the home, the people, the family, whatever and wherever there is. With Four Corners Aviation, they can just be there.

At Four Corners Aviation, we believe in making great hiring decisions. Some of the ways we can accomplish this is by providing a workplace for dedicated individuals to work hard, will appreciate and enforce the company’s core values, and have fun! The company will continue and encourage a diverse, dynamic team that is equally dedicated to establishing a safe and healthy work environment.

We offer competitive pay and a total benefits package. Four Corners Aviation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Position Summary

This position will report to the Chief Pilot. Duties will involve charter/owner operations as part of a three-person crew.


(Minimum Requirements)

  • FAA ATP and MEL
  • Citation X type rating preferred
  • Current First Class Medical
  • 3500 hours total time
  • 1500 hours PIC turbine
  • Clean FAA/DOT/DOJ records
  • Strong CRM Skills
  • A strong team mindset
  • Must be legal to work in the U.S. and ability to travel any international destination

Role and Responsibilities

  • Perform duties in alignment with company values.
  • Responsible for meeting company goals, objectives, and expectations.
  • Will ensure top-notch compliance in the areas of safety, security, and that overall quality of work meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Will work proactively with the appropriate operations department to meet scheduling and client needs.
  • Meet/excel client and/or customer service expectations.
  • Ability to prioritize, organize, and handle high-level priorities.
  • Maintain professionalism, always; be proactive in decision-making and know who/how to report questions and/or issues.
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