Market Minute – Bombardier Challenger 605

The Bombardier Challenger 605 is a large cabin business jet that evolved from the commercially successful Challenger 604.  The Challenger 605 shares the same wing and engines as the 604, but structural improvements allow for an increased payload capacity. The cabin has been restyled and modernized with longer cabin windows coupled with larger reveals, an upgraded galley area, and additional cabin lighting features. The Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite has been incorporated, replacing the earlier generation Pro Line 4 used in the 604.

Production began in 2006, and continued until 2016 with a total of 288 aircraft produced over a ten-year run. The Collins Pro Line 21 is the standard avionics suite, but an aftermarket upgrade to the Pro Line 21 Advanced offers FMS LPV capability, FANS-1/A compliance options, ADS-B options, synthetic vision, enhanced weather radar, as well as other modern enhancements/options.

Just under six percent of the total Challenger 605 fleet is currently represented as for sale. There are currently four Challenger 605’s under contract/deal pending. Ask prices vary across the diverse market, currently ranging from a low of just over $8.2M up to $17.5M on the highest end of the market.

The average market time for Challenger 605’s sold in the last ninety days is just under nine months.  It has been an active period for the Challenger 605 market, with thirty-three transactions in the last twelve months.  Nine aircraft have transacted in the last ninety days, and just under half of those aircraft were enrolled on an engine program at the time of sale.


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