Market Minute – Falcon 900EX

The Dassault Falcon 900EX is an extended range variant of the successful Falcon 900B/900C series tri-jet. Higher thrust Honeywell engines significantly boost performance resulting in a 2,800 lb increased MGTOW compared to earlier 900 variants, and more desirable “hot and high” performance characteristics.  Increased fuel capacity gives the 900EX a 600+ NM range improvement over its predecessors. The Honeywell Primus 2000 avionics suite with dual FMS and auto-throttles comes standard. The combination of performance and generous cabin size make the 900EX desirable for both transcontinental and transoceanic operations.

In 2011, Aviation Partners Industries received an STC for retrofitting the F900EX with winglets. Dassault can acquire the winglets directly from API and install them using OEM tooling. Benefits of the retrofit include a range improvement from five to seven percent across various cruise profiles, as well as improved time to climb performance. Estimated down time for the upgrade can last from four to five weeks. Just under half of the current aircraft on the market feature API winglets.

Nine percent of the total 900EX fleet is represented for sale. Around half of the available aircraft are based in the United States, with the remainder mostly spread through Canada and western Europe. Two aircraft are currently under contract, and ask prices range from a low of  $5.8M to $8.3M on the high end of the market. There has been a bump in transactions within the last ninety days. Of the six airplanes that traded within the last six months, five of those closed within the last ninety days. All of these aircraft were enrolled on an engine program, and two of them featured API winglets at the time of sale.


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