Market Minute – Gulfstream G450

The Gulfstream G450 is a large cabin, long range aircraft developed as a cross between the G400 and the G550. The fuselage is based on the Gulfstream G400, but incorporates a G-550 style nose section. The use of composite materials in various structures and components reduces overall weight, and when coupled with a newly designed wing further improves performance over its predecessor.  FADEC controlled Rolls Royce Tay engines developed from the proven Spey core deliver significant thrust improvements with lower noise and vibration levels. Interior configurations can typically accommodate between twelve to sixteen passengers, and can be found with combinations of club seating, divans, a conference group, forward crew rest, and either a forward or aft galley. With seats full, the G450 has a range of just over 4,000 nautical miles. Production began in 2004 and continued until 2016 with 359 examples produced.

Around six percent of the entire G450 fleet is currently represented as being for sale. The market remains very active, with eleven aircraft entering the market within the last ninety days (representing 50% of current available aircraft), and five aircraft are currently under contract. Ask prices across all offerings currently range from the mid $9Ms up to $23.75M on the highest end of the market.

The average market time for G450’s sold in the last ninety days is around six months. Ten G450’s have sold in the last six months, with six of those aircraft having traded within the last ninety days. Sale prices for G450’s transacted within the last ninety days range from the mid $10M’s up to $18M. Over eighty percent of the aircraft sold in the last ninety days were enrolled on an engine program, and all had some form of NAV upgrades at the time of sale.


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