Meet Mente Group’s Peter Finseth

Peter Finseth, Director of Business Analytics, is one the newest members of the Mente team. Below is an introduction to Peter and his role.

Peter Finseth just joined Mente Group in June 2017, but he’s had over fifteen years’ experience in handling data. He now handles our online portal and database.

“Initially, my role involved a lot of back-office system testing, to see if I could find any bugs in our reporting tool or web interface,” Finseth explains. “It’s migrated now to being more involved with the database. The testing is ongoing, and also working on web design, but the biggest challenge now is to make sure we have data integrity – that our data is good – and that it flows from point A, to B, to C, etc.”

“Right now, we’re in beta phase, so we have one client using our system, but we’re already talking about the look and feel and the changes we need to make as well as functionality changes we can add,” he continues.

Peter’s previous roles have covered everything from true finance to securitization, investor reporting and financial planning. He became frustrated with having to wait for data from technical support teams, and that’s when he decided to build up his own technical expertise.

“I was at Fannie Mae for the last nine years. Over the past four, I’ve been in an analytics role, and I’ve worked with a range of data solutions including Spotfire, SQL, Tableau and SAS, supporting the valuation side in the mortgage industry.

“I point that out because now I’m in the valuation side for aircraft,” Finseth adds. “It’s an interesting parallel. When I was on the mortgage side we’d go through a thousand properties a day. We’d have processes and reports that we would build around high volume. With Mente, we have nowhere near these numbers, but with the dollar valuations we’re talking millions of dollars of value in an aircraft vs. hundreds of thousands of dollars for a property. The difference is in the dollar and the quantity.”

Remember our blog on Cole White, Mente’s baseball extraordinaire? He’s not the only one with a passion for sport. Finseth runs a soccer club called Frisco Fusion Soccer, and he’s on the field most nights of the week.

“I didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for my kids to play or have to deal with the bureaucracy at the big clubs. I’ve played soccer my whole life, so I set up my own. In the last four years, we’ve grown to twelve teams.”

“A lot of that success has to do with our philosophy. I look back at when I played, and I still have memories of when coaches would just yell at us players for everything. Our soccer club provides an atmosphere where the players aren’t looking over their shoulder – players can make mistakes and learn from them, players have confidence in themselves and their teammates, and players don’t get benched for missing a practice because they have homework. We understand grades are first and we want players to do their best both on and off the field.”

“I coach four of the current teams and that formula has worked. My daughter’s team (high school juniors) has been as high as number 11 in North Texas and 63rd out of 300 teams in Region III (comprised of 11 states in the South and Southeast),” Finseth says.

Even with all that extra responsibility, Peter’s still committed to his job. “A lot of the time, the practices are later in the evenings, but if something comes up with work, I’ve got assistant coaches on hand.”

At Mente, we believe Peter’s passion and ambition are good for the business. “One of the first things Brian [Proctor, President and CEO of Mente Group] talked to me about when we met for lunch was the club and how I formed it. I loved that the first question he asked me was relative to a start-up mentality.”

“I’m carving my own path here. If there’s a database issue, I usually work with Jeff Dorrough, but it’s the same as being in a small soccer club – here, you can get something done. If something breaks, you can resolve it instead of jumping through hoops to get something implemented.”

To find out more about Mente’s new database and offerings, click here.


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