June 9, 2023

Mente Group Reports Positive ROI for Cloud-Based Maintenance Aircraft Management Solutions in Business Aviation Industry

Mente Group Reports Positive ROI for Cloud-Based Maintenance Aircraft Management Solutions in Business Aviation Industry

Mente Group reported the findings in an industry whitepaper, titled “Evaluating the ROI of Cloud-Based Maintenance Information Management (MIM).”

LOCATION (DATE, 2023) The Mente Group recently conducted independent research to determine the efficiencies of cloud-based digital solutions for business aviation. In consultation with Bluetail, the leader in aircraft records management tools, the Mente Group explored its market value proposition through in-depth interviews with Bluetail clients and other industry stakeholders. The outcome of the research reveals a positive ROI, and the results are published in an aviation industry white paper titled: “Evaluating the ROI of Cloud-Based Maintenance Information Management (MIM).”

“This white paper shows that Bluetail’s business aviation solution can address specific challenges across organizations to preserve value, reduce workload and increase efficiencies, explains Vince Restivo, Chief Operating Officer of Mente Group.

The white paper includes important findings about ROI, such as:

  • Up to a 50% reduction in research time during maintenance events
  • Machine learning has proven to reduce manual indexing time by 100%
  • 50% reduction in FAA Part 135 conformity research time
  • 30% reduction in compliance tracking and reporting time

Additional Benefits of Digitization
MIM solutions not only improve the efficiency of aircraft maintenance processes but, with back-to-birth records, the value of the asset is protected. These backed-up records in the cloud remain linked to the plane regardless of its current owner, if sold, transferred from one operator to another, or moved to a different location.

Environmental Impact Reduction
Eliminating physical aircraft records reported annual cost savings and an additional benefit of reducing the carbon footprint. This is an important gain for the aviation industry, especially considering its ongoing commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives.

To download a free copy of the Mente Group’s “Evaluating the ROI of Cloud-Based Maintenance Information Management (MIM),” visit: Bluetail-ROI-Study-by-Mente-Group

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About Mente Group
Mente Group, an aviation advisory and brokerage firm, specializes in a comprehensive array of consulting services, including: fleet planning, buying and selling of new and preowned aircraft, appraisals and residual value forecasting, flight department startups, completion and refurbishment, audits and operational alignment. Mente Group also offer Mente 360, a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective corporate aviation asset advisory program.With offices in Dallas, Chicago, Kansas City, Orlando, Baltimore/DC area and Portland, Oregon, Mente Group professionals have handled more than $10.5 billion in aircraft transactions, compiled more than 60 years of aviation experience, and executed more than 500 business jet deliveries. Mente Group is a member of International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), and the National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA). For more information, please visit https://mentegroup.com/.

About Bluetail
Bluetail is the leading modern aircraft records platform that empowers aircraft owners, operators, and flight departments to transition from paper-based records to a digital system. The platform enables users to digitize, organize, search, and share comprehensive aircraft records, including back-to-birth documentation, from any location and device. With Bluetail’s FAA-compliant, cloud-based SaaS platform, customers gain peace of mind knowing that every aircraft logbook, document, and history is professionally scanned, indexed, and securely stored, allowing them to focus on the efficient operation and growth of their business. To learn more, please visit https://bluetail.aero