Mente Group – We’re Here for the “What If’s”.

These are unimaginable times for sure. We are all consumers and we are all trying to figure out life and business during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. Extraordinary times like these lead to questions, which lead to uncertainties, which lead to concerns. But What if we could find clarity and answers to questions like:

What if I need to sell my aircraft quickly?

What if I can’t find a financing solution?

What if I need to track the value of my aircraft compared to other aircraft?

What if I need to find/change management companies?

What if I want to purchase or lease an aircraft?

What if I need to ensure my flight department can handle this?

What if I’m not sure how to clean, staff or board the plane?

What if I need someone to oversee the maintenance and exercising of my airplane in the interim?

What if I need access to my plane, but my ownership status has changed?

What if my needs and missions change?  Do I have the right fleet? Do I have the right staffing?  What are my alternatives?

What if my management company changes service levels?

What if I don’t know what changes are needed to operations and procedures when we start flying again?

What if my previous supplemental lift provider is not available?  

What if I want to restructure aircraft financing?  

What if my lender lessor wants to restructure aircraft financing?

What if this happens again? How can I be prepared?

What if I do nothing?

Clearly, depending on your operation, there are a lot more questions. At Mente Group, we are available, focused, and here for you and your operation. Our team of experts is ready to handle your needs, answer your questions and tackle any challenge. Give us a call at 214-351-9595.

Now more than ever, Mente Group is Here for the “What If’s.


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