Be prepared for your next European ramp inspection

At Mente Group, we provide ongoing counsel for our clients and, as such, we will always aim to keep you up to date on current issues. Many of our clients are registered in the US, which is why we thought this particular topic was worth highlighting…

EASA determines that non-EU registered operators must undergo Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) ramp inspections when operating in the EU.

A recent article from Business Aviation Insider suggested that these inspections are causing some issues for US operators, citing the crew’s unpreparedness on the differences between the FAA and EASA’s regulations as a key stumbling block. The latter are far more restrictive.

Are you operating a US registered Part 91 aircraft using a Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) with an FAA Letter of Authorization (LOA DO95) to defer repairs of and consequently fly with certain inoperative equipment?

A new rule was introduced in November 2016 stating that a customized MEL specific to your particular aircraft is required to complete a SAFA ramp inspection without violation. Only an Approved MEL is acceptable as a means of deferring the repair of listed items when flying in EU airspace.

According to a separate feature from AIN, FAA Flight Standards is in the process of creating compliance solutions to help those affected.

“We recommend acting on this as soon as possible to reduce the chance that you will be delayed unnecessarily as your MEL goes through the approval process,” says Mente Group’s VP, Don Hammer.

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