July 29, 2021

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Ready, Aim, Fire!

I do not own a firearm (well okay a childhood Crossman 760) but as an Aviator and Scout Leader, I do know something about being prepared!

By Neil Kunycky, Managing Director, Northeast

The current market is fascinating and unlike one we have seen before…think limited quality inventory but no price spike (yet).  While the industry had 2400 total transactions in 2020, we expect fewer transactions this year driven by a picked over market, fewer new entrants, and structural limitations.  Buyers of new aircraft definitely shouldn’t expect to see an abundance of new aircraft inventory.

The challenge for our acquisition clients today is simply being ready to execute when an opportunity arises.  Our advice is to identify aircraft type and be patient, be ready to move quickly when you see the “right” combination of value, aesthetics, and pedigree.  If a seller brings a turn-key aircraft to market, the higher the valuation is likely to be and in turn will be priced right.  This leads to shorter time on market as good aircraft are currently selling within 45 days.

In today’s market how do you find a quality aircraft from a limited supply of pedigree aircraft…and with new aircraft availability pushing into 2022…what do you do?

In short – Be Prepared!

A quick checklist:

  1. Do you know what aircraft you would like to buy?   If not, consider a Mente consultation to help you select the right lift solution.   What is your mission?  What size cabin do you desire?  Do you know what your budget is?   What are the market’s best values today?   Is the aircraft you are focused on a good long term value?  Is pre-owned a better value than new?
  2. Do you have funding pre-arranged? In a tight market, having instant access to the capital component of your aircraft purchase can give you an edge over competitive offers!
  3. Who will operate your aircraft? Do you have crew already and is training available?  Do you want to minimize exposure?
  4. How will you evaluate the technical status of your selection, whether pre-owned or new?

I joined Mente almost 3 years ago because my customers really hadn’t thought through these questions and had no one to turn to.

Mente has a team of experts ready to assist you!

Be Prepared!


About the Author

Neil Kunycky is Mente Group’s Managing Director, NortheastNeil Kunycky is Mente Group’s Managing Director, Northeast. He has more than 35 years of corporate aviation experience.

During his career, Kunycky has earned the respect and repeat business from customers and clients around the country and especially on the East Coast, where he is based. He has demonstrated and proven experience marketing aircraft and aviation services to corporations, C-suite executives and high net worth individuals.

Neil’s career includes consultative sales roles for Beech, Hawker and Bombardier and as National Sales Director for FlightSafety International.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Southern Illinois University, where he was a member of the National Championship winning precision flight team. Kunycky is a Commercial/Instrument pilot with more than 2,500 flight hours.