Taking Private Aviation to New Heights

Private aviation in Dallas, Texas, is much more than just buying a private jet. It means hiring staff, going through inspections, financing, appraising and a dozen other things for upkeep – not to mention the actual education on the ownership of the aircraft. Brian Proctor, president and CEO of Mente Group, LLC, had the vision to create an aviation company with one thing in mind – for private jet ownership to be simpler, not to cause a headache.

This vision led to the founding of the Mente Group in July of 2009 with only four employees, solid aviation experience, ambition and only $100 in the bank. Some growing pains and six months later, the team grew from four to eight employees and 15 transactions that gave them more than enough capital to take Mente Group from a start-up to an established company.

How did success find Mente Group so quickly? Even though Mr. Proctor holds an undergraduate degree in International Studies and a Masters from Southern Methodist University, the core strategy of the company comes from Mr. Proctor’s experience as an Infantry Ranger & Intelligence Officer for the U.S. Army. “It was my time there that I came to realize the value of data and analytics, and the benefits of using data in the decision making process,” Brian noted.

This data enables Mente Group to provide a four-in-one service to clients that includes sell, plan, operate and purchasing-four elements that are vital to private aviation. This unique service offering sets Mente Group apart from other aviation companies who offer the four services independently, not as a combined package. This distinctive company has attracted well-known businesses that includes Sprint, Raytheon, Capital One and Williams-Sonoma, just to name a few.

Mente Group serves a wide spectrum of clients, from first-time buyers who have limited knowledge of private jet ownership, to seasoned jet-owners who need a one-stop aviation shop. They serve aircraft fleets, fractional shares or just a single plane. They help you sell, operate, plan and purchase an aircraft. Regardless of how large or how small, experienced or inexperienced, Mente Group not only gets you from take off to landing, but every step in-between.


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