What is my aircraft worth?

If there’s one thing we are all certain of, it is that these are indeed unusual times we’re facing. In the business aviation industry, all aircraft owners are undoubtedly asking themselves, “what is our plane worth now?”.  Luckily, one Fortune 500 client has been able to answer that question themselves.  As a user of our Mente Values Platform (MVP), they have access to all the data at their fingertips to know just that… The value of their aircraft! And so much more…

One of the first clients on our MVP flight department platform, a Fortune 500 company, now knows not only the value of their aircraft, but also the value that MVP provides on a daily basis.  The manager of aircraft maintenance, the user of the platform, can access the Fair Market Value (FMV) on a monthly basis, but additionally, the tool ensures him and his team a better understanding of the FMV of their aircraft.  Additionally, MVP provides customization of depreciation curves to match internal corporate rates, aircraft detail and comparisons, valuation of the optional equipment installed and the ability to update the flight times.

Not only has MVP given this aircraft maintenance manager the expertise he needs at his fingertips to share with upper management, but more importantly MVP has given the maintenance manager back his time to focus on the job at hand.  They also have the opportunity to save on their property taxes each year!  Mente Group has two accredited aircraft appraisers on staff that can provide aircraft appraisals.

Mente Values Platform (MVP) is a custom-tailored, online tool that not only allows you to know the value of your aircraft, but keeps you informed on trends, depreciation, historical residual values and much more. Click the link below to read more about MVP.

Mente Values Platform (MVP)

To speak to someone about MVP, please call our office and you can reach a Managing Director listed below that serves your area.

Jim Lewis, Managing Director, West Coast

David Coppock, Managing Director, Central Region

Neil Kunycky, Managing Director, East Coast

+1 (214) 351-9595



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