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From current pricing and historic market trends to residual value forecasting and appraisals, Mente Group makes navigating the financial landscape easy so you can get the best return on your investment.

The Mente Value Platform allows you to track your aviation portfolio in real time. With its customized subscription services, Mente Group customers can stay informed on the financial components that matter most to them.

Our advanced financial modeling provide financial services firms, banks and aviation departments with unmatched access to real-time market values and intelligence to guide their decision-making. With ASA accredited business jet appraisers, Mente Group is the only appraisal company actually involved in aircraft transactions. This gives us significantly higher market awareness than any of our competition, which benefits our clients directly.


Mente Values

As the industry’s only scalable, reliable, and cost-effective Finance Industry asset advisory program, MVP was designed to assist financial institutions in tracking their aircraft portfolio’s value in real-time. MVP levels the playing field for banks by keeping customers abreast of strategic issues regarding aircraft financing with custom-tailored subscription services including current pricing analysis, historical trend analysis, residual value forecasting adapted to real market trend, appraisals and more.


Fleet Management

Access the aircraft in your portfolio from one simple platform. You can also add, remove and/or make adjustments to the aircraft in your portfolio.

  • Up to date Pricing
  • Multiple Aircraft Tracking
  • Filter Your Portfolio


Keeping on top of aircraft values is a big part of our business. We track sales and offerings of aircraft in the marketplace, and we then incorporate those sales into our appraisals.

We continually look at aircraft that are for sale and ones that have recently sold, and we line those up against an aircraft we are dealing with, making adjustments for year model, hours flown, condition, options on the aircraft, subsequent modifications they may have done to the aircraft, as well as maintenance items, paint and interior. We use those factors to establish the fair market value of any aircraft we handle.


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