January 17, 2023

3 Different Paths to a Business Aviation Career

3 Different Paths to a Business Aviation Career

As workforce concerns continue to be front-and-center in business aviation, three young professionals (YoPros) share how they discovered their career pathways and offer advice and encouragement to others looking to enter and advance in the industry. “The first job, and looking for ways to get involved, [can be] very hard,” said NBAA Young Professionals (YoPro) Council member Kenny Mazingo. “It’s scary. But you come to find out there’s a lot of good people, a lot of opportunities and so many resources in our industry. And believe it or not, people are willing to help.”

In today’s episode of NBAA’s “Flight Plan,” host Rob Finfrock speaks with:

  • Julia Harrington, co-vice chair, NBAA’s YoPro Council and lead captain and base manager for Axis Jets
  • Kenny Mazingo, market analyst for Mente Group and a member of NBAA’s YoPro Council
  • Brett Melcher, an NBAA YoPro Council member and aircraft maintenance technician for Encompass Health