January 13, 2023

Selling a Private Jet with Mente Group

Selling a Private Jet with Mente Group

When you are ready to sell your private jet, it’s important to be in the right hands for several reasons. A private jet is likely one of the most valuable assets you own, and when you work with the best people for the job, you’re expected to receive the best results. At Mente Group, we employ a very intricate process for private aircraft sales. We know that understanding the aircraft value is vital to the overall life-cycle cost, and we take time in each step of our sales process.

  1. Appraisal of Aircraft

    Mente Group uses an in-house appraiser that does a complete inspection from top to bottom, which includes: looking up market value, physically inspecting every square inch of the aircraft, considering potential value and evaluating selling cost.

  1. Sales Team & Planning

    Our experienced sales team goes through field calls and creates in-depth marketing plans for our sales clients, which are then implemented and executed.

  1. Advertising and Marketing of the Aircraft

    Historically, our advertising and marketing efforts were primarily focused on magazine and newspaper marketing, which we still do, but today we predominantly focus on Internet and digital marketing to attract people that are searching for particular private or business aircraft. We make sure that as a potential aircraft owner is searching on any particular search engine (like Google, Yahoo or Bing), our aircraft are the planes that they discover first. This process helps in capturing the right people at the right time and selling your private jet quickly.

Mente Group wants our aircraft sales clients to achieve the absolute most value for their aircraft. In order to do this, we stick to the strict appraisal process, detailed marketing plan and execution of marketing to put your aircraft in the right hands, for the right price. We have access to comprehensive market intelligence and a network of industry professionals and aim to sell your aircraft in the most successful and efficient way. When you’re ready to start selling a private jet with Mente Group, please fill out our contact us form.